Thursday, October 28, 2010

the enemy

i could pull the trigger
but i would die the enemy
criminals stealing souls
far from here, already killed me.
all alone, suffocating, no one there to see
they thought me finished, their hold safe to release
i swear to their jesus or die, i  will make those motherfuckers bleed.

you think that I deserted you
but i could not stay, there was no way to show
and i die inside each time I realize
that you will never know

the truth about us; you never had me
because i died alone, far away, so long ago
those motherfucking hypocrites u worship
ripped out my god-forsaken soul.

it is not safe here with me anymore
this emptiness will encompass both of us
i wil not let it get you too
you still have a chance if you cut the cord
but you refuse.  I've got to leave you.

i will not pull the trigger
and end this pointless misery
after all this god damn pain
my death, like life would be in vain
i will walk through this sea of gray
another million fucking days
before i let those bastards get away
countless memories violated with the label they would make for me
i will not pull the fucking trigger, i will not die the enemy.


maybe we're not paying attention
maybe we're not listening
maybe if we put down all our fuckin guns
he'd show us what we're missing

maybe we're just way too quick to judge
arrogant, thinking that we already know
with your little head so full of your convictions
maybe there's not room for him to show

maybe we're all just too busy to notice
busy keeping up with the motherfucking jone's

maybe he's been calling, maybe we just don't hear it
cause we're out of touch, we've hurt too much,
to feel enough anymore to really give a shit

maybe it's the lustfull greed at the top
maybe the debilitating jealousy from the bottom
maybe we're too faithless asking for all these signs
too foolish to recognize when we've gotten them

maybe we're too jaded to want
to try to learn how to love again
maybe we listen to the fear instead of to the love
give in to anxiety and sell out our friends