Thursday, October 28, 2010


maybe we're not paying attention
maybe we're not listening
maybe if we put down all our fuckin guns
he'd show us what we're missing

maybe we're just way too quick to judge
arrogant, thinking that we already know
with your little head so full of your convictions
maybe there's not room for him to show

maybe we're all just too busy to notice
busy keeping up with the motherfucking jone's

maybe he's been calling, maybe we just don't hear it
cause we're out of touch, we've hurt too much,
to feel enough anymore to really give a shit

maybe it's the lustfull greed at the top
maybe the debilitating jealousy from the bottom
maybe we're too faithless asking for all these signs
too foolish to recognize when we've gotten them

maybe we're too jaded to want
to try to learn how to love again
maybe we listen to the fear instead of to the love
give in to anxiety and sell out our friends

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